Refrigerated Truck Driver Jobs in Pittsburgh

Bay and Bay Transportation is always looking for truck drivers in Pittsburgh to join our team!

Pittsburgh Refrigerated Trucking Jobs

The heart of Pennsylvania is a great place for our truck drivers to thrive. Bay and Bay Transportation has happy employees based in Pittsburgh and around the country. We are currently recruiting truck drivers in Pittsburgh, PA interested in refrigerated transportation.

One of our specialties here at Bay and Bay Transportation is refrigerated transportation. Our temperature-controlled trailers have technologically advanced Thermo King Smart Reefers for maximum protection. Traveling across the country, we have been happy to successfully provide refrigerated transportation for our customer’s needs.

Even with cool, refrigerated transportation, Bay and Bay Transportation won’t leave you out in the cold. It can be scary and nerve-wracking jumping into a new truck driving job, but we make it an easy transition. On our Pittsburgh homepage, we offer resources for weather information, traffic and construction updates, travel updates and more. Our dispatch office also provides a friendly voice to help you navigate your route and deliveries.

Working for Bay and Bay Transportation is full of benefits. Our trucks are all comfy, late-model freight-liners. As mentioned earlier, our technology for refrigerated transportation is all up to date. We also offer driver benefits, bonuses, set wages, and more.

To learn more about refrigerated truck driving jobs in Pittsburgh, PA, give us a call or apply online. From company drivers to local owner-operators, there may just be a spot waiting for you in the Bay & Bay family.