Bay & Bay Transportation Provides Quality Freight Brokerage Services in Minneapolis, MN

If you’ve ever driven across the thousands of highways that cover the United States, you’ve no doubt seen thousands of big rig trucks. While you may not be aware of what cargo these trucks are hauling, you should know they are transporting the products and equipment necessary to keep America running. You may well wonder how all this transportation is coordinated. It’s something we think about everyday at Bay & Bay Transportation.

Many of the logistical services involved with freight transport in and around Minneapolis, MN are handled by a freight broker like Bay & Bay Transportation. A freight broker acts as an intermediary to connect companies with carriers. The freight brokerage services of Bay & Bay Transportation ensures customers always have access to hundreds of reliable shippers across North America. We handle all the logistics; from pickup to delivery and every point in between.

Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN has the personnel, experience, knowledge, and commitment to transport goods to where they need to go. As a freight broker, we are never at a loss for transportation options. We don’t ever have to turn away business because of a lack of shipping options. We act as the liaison between you and reliable, trusted freight carriers who can transport your cargo to one or multiple destinations.

We use pre-qualified carrier fleets that we have worked with before. These carriers have all undergone a rigorous qualification process before we trust them with your cargo. We have the option of over 13,000 fleets under contract at any given time to serve any and all shipping needs. We don’t like to see empty trucks, which is why we work hard to fill them and get them on the road. We have the knowledge, technology, and equipment to link qualified carriers to safely transport goods via flatbeds, reefers, or tankers. We specialize in refrigeration and are experts in temperature control.

We don’t just rely on our connected fleet of trucks; we can recommend rail or less than truckload shipping options to fit your budget. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and members of the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Trust Bay & Bay Transportation to deliver your freight across Minneapolis, the Twin Cities area, Minnesota, or across the entire continent. Call us today.