Breaking Your Bad Trucking Habits in Madison, WI

Being an effective Bay and Bay Transportation truck driver in Madison, WI, involves building a lot of good habits. Habits such as checking over your cargo, tuning up your rig, timing your breaks, and more. However, just like any regular daily job, there are plenty of bad habits that come along with truck driving. Learning how to identify, avoid, or even correct these harmful trucking habits can help you keep truckin' for as long as possible.

One of the easiest bad habits to fall into as a truck driver is practicing poor driving posture. If you end your trips with sore wrists, a stiff neck, and a crick in your back, you probably have poor driving posture. Driving posture can be difficult to fix if it's not addressed consistently because how you sit isn't exactly a conscious thing for most people. Many people just sit in whatever position is most comfortable, even if it isn't sustainable. The trick is to learn how to sit in a beneficial and comfortable way.

A more abstract bad habit is being too fixated on your deadlines. To be clear, being aware of your deadlines is very different than being fixated on them. Truck driving requires consistency and concentration. If you're continually stressing yourself by worrying about your schedule, it's time to find a solution. Relaxation techniques, such as soothing music and audiobooks, can keep you focused and help you avoid obsessing over time constraints. Learning to be cool and relaxed instead of tense makes a world of difference. This is especially true because, when it comes to truck driving, road rage is never acceptable. Staying calm and collected can keep you safe.

And finally, keep your truck clean. This doesn't mean making sure the outside sparkles when the light hits it just right; it means clearing out your trash, laundry, water bottles, or whatever else you accumulate during your journey. Truck drivers definitely live a good portion of their life on the roads, but that's not an excuse to keep a dirty cab. Keeping your environment clean as you go will keep you energized, help you feel in control, and make the end of each trip a little easier.

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