High-Tech Logging Could Lead to Safer Trucking in Minneapolis, MN

New rules are usually not very high on a trucker's wish-list, but they could be coming to a log book in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a trucking firm near you.

Bay and Bay Transportation can already boast about one of the best safety records in the industry, but will a new regulation actually limit accidents by keeping drowsy drivers off the nation’s roads?

The new federal regulations would force Bay & Bay and other U.S. trucking companies to digitally log employee hours behind the wheel.

A transportation industry survey taken earlier this year found that a majority of small operators lacked electronic logs. The more common paper method allows companies to take some liberties with their books, boost their hours, and ultimately help their firm’s bottom line.

If it survives an expected legal challenge, the mandated switch to a digital logging system would take effect later next year. Supporters say it could prevent injuries and save lives by preventing exhausted operators from driving.

Industry experts, however, worry about the costs of complying with the new rules, and they argue that smaller trucking companies and independent operators will lose miles and money to lost productivity.

Electronic logging could very well lead to more driver opportunity at Bay & Bay, but analysts also worry it could mean higher prices for consumers unless transportation companies are able to find a way to get more miles out of their trucks.

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