Midnight Tips for Truck Driving Night Owls in Houston, TX

Truck driving is a profession that truly happens at all hours in Houston, TX. Regardless of whether the sun is up or down, shipments still need to get to their destinations, and Bay and Bay Transportation's professional truck drivers are still the best equipped to get them there. There's more to night-driving than what meets the eye, however. Sure, you may get to bask in an unrivaled sense of solitude and serenity on some parts of the road, but on others, the night is dark and full of terrors.

Staying safe between sundown and sunrise while truck driving can be tricky thanks to the addition of some issues that you rarely encounter in the daylight. For instance, like many facets of truck driving, non-commercial drivers may be your worst enemy after dark. Not only does most inebriated driving happen after dark, but fatigue, alcohol, and distractions can all add up to the worst of the worst when it comes to drivers. Prepare yourself for encountering some unpredictable road-mates and give these drivers enough room to prevent direct encounters.

Along with the other nocturnal drivers, wildlife is also very active at night. This means that deer, raccoons, and other critters may be making frequent appearances along your truck driving route. Many animals stay away from major roadways during the day, but they get a little more adventurous once the sun goes down. Keep your eyes peeled for crossing signs, and avoiding following other drivers too closely in case something decides to make a surprise appearance.

While animals and other drivers can be a concern, sometimes it might be you who's the problem. For some professional truck drivers, making the switch from day shifts to night shifts might be a serious challenge. A “normal” sleep schedule is already difficult to maintain without flipping it on its head for a night shift. If you're a professional truck driver working nights, take fatigue seriously. There's already enough danger on the road without you contributing to it. If you find yourself getting too sleepy, pull over and rest until you're alert and prepared for the journey at hand.

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