Important Flatbed Transportation Services Information You Need to Know for Your Albany, NY, Business

Do you own or run a business in Albany, NY? Whether that business is big or small, if you have products that need to get to stores or other businesses, you probably know all about truck driving/truck drivers. You know you shouldn’t attempt to hire truck drivers on your own (it’s especially a bad idea to hire someone you know/are related to and feel obligated to hire), and you shouldn’t try to train drivers on your own. But while you know about truck driving/truck drivers, do you know about flatbed transportation services? What is a flatbed truck, and what should you keep in mind when selecting? What should you ask when you contact a company for assistance?

Quick Look at the Benefits of Flatbed Transportation Services

Why should you use flatbed transportation services?

  • Flatbed trucks can be loaded from several sides. While regular trucks can be constricting and difficult to load with certain products, a flatbed truck makes loading a lot easier so you can save time and reduce stress with this option.
  • Keeping the previous benefit in mind, flatbed trucks also offer more flexibility when it comes to large freights because there are no walls to constrict what you can do.

Common Questions to Ask

  • Do you need to provide the company with a tarp/tarps for the transportation process or will it provide one or more tarps for you?
  • What types of flatbed trailers does the company offer? RGNs? Double drops? Step decks? Don’t be afraid to weigh your options and ask for more information on each choice because one option might work better than another.
  • How will your products be loaded and unloaded? What do you need to have available for your driver/drivers?

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