Become an In-Demand CDL Truck Driver

Professional truck driving is a varied and fulfilling career path that has kept many Americans gainfully occupied throughout the pandemic. Beyond steady employment, being a CDL truck driver comes with the benefits of frequent travel, a departure from office work, and new skill acquisition. Obtaining a commercial driver’s license is possible for any healthy Madison, WI professional who has the passion and drive about their professional goals, and at Bay and Bay Transportation, we’re always looking for experienced CDL truck drivers to join our transport team.

Becoming a CDL truck driver requires the passing of several practical and written tests and health exams. Similar to the D class license test, professional drivers will be expected to know vital knowledge such as mechanical basics, safety norms, rig operation techniques, and more. Once you successfully pass your knowledge tests and get the green light on your physical health, you’ll be asked to display your driving skills in a road skills exam. 

Just like any other skill, professional truck driving is a talent you can hone. Practicing maneuvering in large vehicles, driving on different types of roadways, and learning the ins and outs of troubleshooting truck issues are all part of a greater whole. For adults who have held a non-commercial license for years but are not familiar with large vehicle maneuvering, it may take some time to become acclimated to the size and power of rigs. Once you have a handle on the ins and outs of large vehicle operation, you’ll be on your way to endless career opportunities.

After completing your pre-trip inspection exam and road test, you’ll be ready to apply to become a CDL truck driver. But, staying in high demand in a competitive career takes a little more than a license. Reliability, independence, strong communication skills, and stress management are all a large part of the job as well. If you’re willing to learn and committed to growth, professional truck driving will suit you well.

For CDL truck drivers looking for new opportunities, Bay and Bay Transportation is looking for you. Madison, WI area professionals can contact us online to discuss opportunities or call us today at (888) 801-3026.