Feeling Far from Freezer Burned Over the Future of Refrigerated Transportation

No matter the time of the year, it’s always a good idea to have a jacket handy in Minneapolis, MN and the Twin Cities. While we’re looking forward to warmer weather, the high demand for refrigerated transportation in North America is enough to keep truckers busy all year round.

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At Bay & Bay Transportation, we’re a family-owned trucking and logistics company in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota area that has lived through a cold winter or two. While frosty conditions are a must for some hauling assignments, it’s our ability to harness the chill and keep our loads at just the right temp that really sets us apart.

We value reliability and are big believers in making sure your cargo receives priority treatment. That's why our new 53-foot refrigerated air ride trailers are equipped with advanced Thermo King Smart Reefers. This means you can count on maximum protection of your refrigerated, frozen, and other temperature-sensitive loads.

It’s good to have a hauler with our capability and temperature flexibility on your side. The latest research suggests the demand for refrigerated hauling in the U.S. and Canada is only going to continue to rise over the next five-years.

As the market for perishable foods grows, the need to find effective ways to prevent spoilage is a must. Additionally, temperature sensitive medicines present big challenge for a lesser trucking company.

At Bay & Bay, we’re ready to offer solutions as the organic food market gets larger by the year. We’re also aware of the need to offer some additional options beyond a thermostat setting. If you need multi-temperature trucking, our experienced drivers can ensure your goods arrive at the correct temperature, even if they’re less than a truckload.

If all of this advanced equipment and expertise hasn’t convinced you just yet, consider that it’s who and what is backing them up that really makes a substantial difference. We offer continuous tracking and communication between our drivers and clients. Our world-class logistics team is ready to ensure you receive refrigerated transportation services nationwide.

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When it has to arrive on time and on temperature, we should be your first choice. We encourage you to put our experience, professionalism, and mastery of refrigerated transportation to work for you. Discover for yourself why Bay & Bay is among the best fleets to work with and a quality driven tradition.

For more information about our refrigerated transportation services, call us at (888) 801-3026 today. You can also contact us online to learn about our services in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities, and nationally.