Tips for Maintaining Relationships Long Distance for Long Haul Truckers

Can OTR truck drivers maintain a good healthy relationship while running highways 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? This question includes plenty of caveats and variables when trying to answer it. Every relationship is different and holds a different level of value and compromise. The answer to this question will therefore differ from one long hauler to the next. However, some of the tips below can be instrumental when trying to keep the relationships intact while you stay apart.

It is popular belief that long distance relationships are destined to fail. However, this is far from the truth. Some couples that are away from each other will often find themselves closer to one another because since they are willing to communicate their problems with one another. It all comes down to whether both the partners are willing to make the effort.

Hold on to Personal Gift

Before you and your significant other, or even a friend part ways, performing a meaningful gift-giving action can be significant. If you give your partner something to hold on to, they will always think of you whenever they come across that item.

A special gift can symbolically keep you in their mind even if they do not contact them for a long time.  What you decide to give your partner does not have to be pricey, instead, you need to focus on how that item represents the value of the other person. It can also reflect how the other person has bought meaning into your life.

Learn about Each Other’s Schedule

Time zones can be difficult to navigate, but if you learn to appreciate the differences between them, it will help you instill the value of patience. Moreover, it will also remind you about the sacrifice you need to make to maintain relationships. Any relationship you have, instant gratification will not help make it grow, but instead, it is the act of compromise that keeps a relationship strong.

Depending on how much of a difference you have on your time-zones, you may need to accommodate for the other person’s availability when setting up phone calls. This task may seem daunting, but with time, you can find the rhythm that works the best.

Final Words

Whether you are in a long distance relationship, or thinking of getting into one, you need to keep in mind that staying connected is key. The obvious challenge in any long distance relationship is a physical absence, and therefore, you need to place more significance on the mental and emotional side.