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Current Look at Supply Chain Issues

There is a supply chain crisis that is impacting not only the US but also the entire rest of the world. Supply chain management is being stretched to the fullest, there are ships waiting...Read More

Easy Snacks for OTR Drivers

It is no secret that many OTR truck drivers suffer from the health issues of a sedentary lifestyle. According to research, 7 out of 10 truckers on...Read More

Beginner’s guide to the shipping industry

You very likely have seen large steel boxes behind tractor-trailers, at ports, and on ships. These giant metal boxes are called shipping containers, and they are mainly used to hold a variety of different...Read More

Becoming/Working as a Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics, also known as diesel technicians, are professionals responsible for maintaining the engines and types of equipment for various industries. They inspect, analyze, look for solutions, and implement repair strategies on different diesel...Read More

Winter Essentials for Truck Drivers

When long-haul trucking across cities during the winter season, some carry-along items are essential. These items range from truck-safety tools to healthcare items. In the depth of winters along suburban highways, temperatures can fall...Read More

Weather-Proofing Your Truck for Winter

The winters pose a serious threat to your truck. Weather-proofing your truck for winter means that you must prepare for a number of challenges that the season throws at you while on the road....Read More

Tips to Combat Road Rage

You will find aggressive drivers in every part of the world. But the most dangerous and horrifying situations can arise as a result of road rage. This is when both drivers respond aggressively to...Read More