Intermodal Freight Transportation with a Leading IMC

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Intermodal Freight Transportation

As a leading IMC, Bay and Bay provides top notch intermodal freight transportation delivering expert 3PL services and rail solutions. Bay and Bay has over 50 years of Intermodal experience. With direct access to all class 1 railroads and private-asset providers, we offer multiple service options including standard and expedited service across North America. We also have relationships with major ocean carriers to access their equipment for domestic re-positioning.

While trucking remains the most common way to move freight, intermodal transportation offers shippers a broader range of options, including rail, air, and sea. Air is frequently used when cargo needs to arrive very quickly, and sea is the best mode for moving shipments between continents and across bodies of water. For ground transportation, freight haulers such as Bay and Bay are increasingly focused on partnering with railroad companies to offer shippers more cost-effective ways to move freight from point A to point B.

Why Choose Bay and Bay?

  • Over 50 Years of Intermodal Transportation Experience
  • Personalized Attention
  • Mode/Load Optimization
  • Proactive Accessorial Management
  • IMC Status

IMC Benefits

Bay and Bay is one of the only IMC’s in the industry and services all of North America. Bay and Bay leverages multiple forms of transportation such as rail, trucking, and ocean shipping, and as an intermodal marketing company we can offer flexible and cost-effective options for all of your transportation needs. This allows clients to optimize their supply chain and achieve greater efficiency in transporting goods across different regions and countries.

Additionally, we have established relationships and contracts with various carriers, enabling us to negotiate competitive rates and ensure reliable service. Within our benefits is the shipment visibility which allows loads to be tracked wherever and whenever. With our expertise in coordinating and managing complex logistics operations, Bay and Bay provide clients with peace of mind, knowing that their shipments will be handled efficiently and delivered on time. Ultimately, by partnering with Bay and Bay, an intermodal marketing company, clients can streamline their transportation processes, reduce costs, and enhance their overall logistics performance.

40 Foot Containers

Did you know a 40 foot container can hold the same weight as a 53 foot container? Often times the smaller rail container comes at a reduced rate compared to longer shipping containers. Bay and Bay Transportation is proud to offer 40 ft. container service capacity in tight markets. Wondering if a 40 ft. or 53 ft. container is right for you? Give us a call and we’ll explore your options – we are proud to offer both!

Make an impact with a more sustainable shipping company

Combine Intermodal with Trucking at Bay and Bay

  • Cost Savings
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Daily Tracing Records
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Container Access
Bay and Bay Transportation is a Trucking and Intermodal Marketing company with a more sustainable shipping solution

We Make It Easy

The experienced staff at Bay and Bay knows the ins and outs of working with rail carriers. We’ll select the best routing and schedule for your specific transportation needs. You get the savings of rail, combined with the convenience and reliability of over-the-road. Shipping Intermodal has never been easier!

What Makes a Shipment Good for Intermodal?

  • If you are in need of drop containers at shipper and/or receiver
  • Length of haul is 700 miles or more
  • Origin and Destination are near rail ramps
  • If you are looking for cost savings vs OTR

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Did you know an intermodal train removes 280 trucks from the highway? Do your part to improve our air quality by using the “greener” mode of transportation.


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Shipping via Intermodal has never been easier.