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Expert Power Only Trucking Solutions

As a 3PL company, Bay and Bay delivers expert power only trucking solutions for cost effective and flexible logistics, operating from the Midwest. This service dedicates a Bay and Bay trailer to your facility, that can be loaded/unloaded at your convenience. Once the shipment is ready to be transported, a member from our extensive carrier network will take it to its destination.  Our Power Only Solution saves shippers money by eliminating equipment maintenance fees and reduces occurrences of detention and layovers from live-loading.

Power Only service allows shippers to focus on their core business while entrusting their transportation needs to specialized providers. It offers flexibility, cost savings, improved efficiency, and access to a network of vetted carriers, making it a great solution for shippers seeking reliable and hassle-free hauling.

Already have your own trailers?

Bay and Bay can assign an experienced dedicated carrier to transport your trailer saving you time and money. Shippers with a fleet of trailers can maximize their asset utilization by keeping trailers in continuous use, even when trucks are not actively transporting them.

Ready to expand your reach? Leverage Bay and Bay’s Power Only Solution to expand geographic coverage without needing to establish a trucking fleet in various regions.

Power only solution for shippers who have yard space, haul frequently, and ship refrigerated goods
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