Bay and Bay receives the Special Recognition Award from Andersen Windows

On February 16th, Bay and Bay received the Special Recognition Award from Andersen Windows at their Annual Carrier Conference. This award was given to Bay and Bay for being strategic partners for several consecutive years. Andersen Windows recognized that our business together has been growing, even as Andersen’s overall volumes have declined. Bay and Bay finished the year delivering 18% of Andersen’s overall TL volume out of the consolidation center as well as being one of AW top two carriers for the Renewal division both in service and volume.

In 2011 Bay and Bay was selected to be AW dedicated carrier for their new facility in Fall River, MA. The reason for this award in this lane was our ability to add capacity to our fleet when the industry was realizing capacity issues in this region. Bay and Bay also presented and delivered a blended model of using OTR and Intermodal services (TOFC) into this region, which helped AW make significant gains in their sustainability goals.

One of the big changes AW made in 2011 was to begin tendering loads closer to the pick up date. This change caused several of their carriers to reject loads because of the timing. Bay and Bay accepted all of the tenders sent to us, regardless of how late in the process we were notified or the content of the load (destination, # of stops or miles between stops).

A very special thank you goes out to two of our employees. Kathy Steinke, our Customer Service Rep for Andersen Windows, has done an exemplary job servicing our customer on a daily basis. Kathy works closely with the Andersen team and coordinates their needs with our operational group.

Another special thanks to Justin Johnson, Bay and Bay’s Director of Sales. Justin was instrumental in identifying capacity and pricing challenges with Andersen Windows. Justin formulated a blended rate which included intermodal and truck load. Doing this, we were really able to add value to the services we provide to Andersen.