Keeping it Cool

Have you ever wondered how you get fresh vegetables and produce all year round, even when the foods you're buying are out of season or don't grow in your area of the country? That's where Bay and Bay Transportation comes in! With our fleet of refrigerated trailers we can transport the perishable foods we all love to eat to wherever it needs to go. From across the town to across the country, we will deliver the product as fresh and delectable as when it started its journey.

This is possible due to the built-in refrigeration systems our 53-foot insulated air ride trailers are equipped with. Utilizing the advanced Thermo King Smart Reeferâ„¢ temperature control systems, this technology provides the ultimate protection for refrigerated, frozen, and other temperature-sensitive loads.

For over four decades Bay and Bay and our sister company D & T have been providing top of the line refrigerated transportation. With personalized dispatch officials and steadfast dedication to quality customer service, we can ensure on-time delivery. Our highly experienced staff and team of independent contractors boast a collective on-time pickup and delivery record of more than 99 percent.

We are totally committed to safety when it comes to perishable food items. At Bay and Bay, we continuously monitor and strictly abide by FDA regulations and perishable food guidelines at all times. From the grower to the marketplace, we employ new and advancing technologies to stay ahead of the game to keep perishables fresh and safe.

Here at Bay and Bay, we are proud of the fact we have been providing quality temperature-controlled transportation services for many of the same clients stretching all the way back to 1959. We have established and continue to maintain a tradition of excellence in getting the people what they want to where they want it, no matter what the season is. From keeping it perfectly chilled to frosty and frozen, Bay and Bay provides the professional service, personnel and equipment to transport any and all perishable foods and products safely, efficiently, and on-time.