Truck Driving Tips- Driver Fatigue Management Strategies

One of the Truck Driving Job's Most Treacherous Hurdles

Here are a few practical tips from Bay & Bay Transportation for staying safe while on the road. Bay & Bay offers truck driving jobs in Minneapolis and other locations around the nation, with the best compensation and incentives in the industry. Contact Bay & Bay Transportation for more information.

Driver fatigue can be one of the most dangerous and deadly part of having a truck driver job, and those who work for Bay & Bay Transportation are no exception. It is so important for our truck drivers to be alert while on the road, not only for their safety, but for the safety of others as well. While we can provide the training to operate the specifics of the truck, it is up to each driver to determine the best ways to combat fatigue while driving on the road. Although each individual’s fatigue management strategies are unique to that person, most fall under the category of tips we’ve assembled below.

Get enough sleep. This tip seems obvious, but it’s the most important. While your body can fight through other symptoms, like hunger, it is much harder to ignore feelings of drowsiness. Fatigue can only be offset by music, caffeine, and conversation for so long.

Exercise regularly. Just 20 minutes, three times a week of easy exercise, like a brisk walk, will help combat the fatigue. After sitting in a truck for so long, the activity will make it easier for you to sleep when the time comes, resulting in a better rest.

Keep a healthy diet. Try to eat at similar times every day. This will keep you full and able to focus on driving without being distracted by thoughts of how hungry you are. Also, try to maintain a balanced diet. Healthier foods will give you energy instead of that sinking, tired feeling fast food provides. Drink plenty of water, since dehydration is a key factor in feeling fatigued.

Avoid medicine that causes drowsiness. This is especially important during cold, flu, and allergy season. Check labels to make sure you can still operate heavy machinery after taking medicine such as Benadryl or other cold medicines.

For truck drivers, sometimes fatigue masquerades as being bored with the scenery, especially after all the horizons start to look the same.  When you find yourself more bored than tired, try a few simple tricks to keep you focused on the drive.

  • Sing along to the radio
  • Turn up the A/C or roll down the windows
  • Drink a moderate amount of caffeine
  • Play “I Spy “ and take notice of landmarks in front of you

If you should find any of these methods failing to help you stay alert and focused, then it’s time to pull over. A 10-20 minute nap and a small loss of time are much more preferable than an accident on the highway. On the road, Bay & Bay Transportation’s first priority is the safety of our drivers. By combating fatigue with these easy techniques, we can make sure the road is safe for truck drivers and other drivers as well.