Rites of Passage for Bay & Bay Transportation’s Truck Drivers

Minneapolis Truck Driving Jobs Available at Bay and Bay Transportation

Each culture has a set of expectations and milestones that its people reach to show growth and advancement. Americans adolescents typically experience the same or similar milestones and rites of passage across the country as they grow into adulthood. Similarly, truck drivers at Bay & Bay Transportation go through rites of passage when they begin their career with us. Though the milestones are similar, drivers progress through these milestones with the experience and wisdom that one can only gain with age and experience.

The most well-known, shared experience that American teens and truck drivers participate in is the acquisition of a driver’s license. At the age of 16, most teenagers are finally given the privilege to drive without a parent trying to slam on the brakes from the passenger’s side. Teenagers and new truck drivers both need to put in the hours to master driving skills, both solo and with a mentor, and take special classes that provide supplementary information. And just like newly licensed drivers get to drive the clunker instead of Dad’s Lincoln, newly licensed truck drivers shouldn't expect to drive the newest equipment or log the most miles. A rite of passage is an experience that you work your way to, something that you earn, and that doesn't change, no matter the culture.

Soon after a teen achieves their license, they begin to pull away from home. Whether it’s finding a job or heading off to college, American teenagers begin to find independence as they gain experience in their driving. Time away from home is new and unexperienced, something that both teens and new truck drivers must become accustomed to. While liberated teenagers are learning new skills and subjects, truck drivers are seeing new sights on the road and learning the ins and outs of traveling across the city, state, and country. It’s a completely new lifestyle they both have to learn and adjust to.

Probably the hardest part for both young adults and truck drivers is the separation they experience from their support system. Even with ever increasing forms of communication, and the ease of access to them, it’s still not the same as having a cup of coffee at a friend or family member’s house. Drivers must develop a support system for the road, whether they call at the same time every night, visit distant relatives as they pass through, or make new friends through the CB radio.

At Bay & Bay Transportation, once you've proven yourself as a driver through successful completion of CDL classes, meeting safety guidelines, and even meeting our MPG expectations in our new “Focus on Fuel” program, we’re glad to reward you for making it through all these familiar, but new rites of passage. Logging more miles and driving the newest and best equipment is a physical showing of how much hard work you have put into driving and transporting for Bay & Bay Transportation. Always be proud of the rites of passage you experience while driving because we are proud of all the work that you do!

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