Choosing the Right Trucking Company: A Guide by Bay & Bay

Questions to ask yourself when looking for truck driver jobs in Minnesota and across the U.S

The job market for a qualified truck driver isn’t that much different than anyone else seeking employment. Recently certified drivers need to consider many of the same facets of companies as any other person: culture, distance from home, and expectations.

The one common objective between all trucking companies is that they make money by hauling as much as possible as quickly and efficiently as possible. Truck drivers from every company share the same roads, rest stops, gas stations, laws, and sometimes even the same destination. Many trucking companies are very similar, but when it comes down to the important things, companies can vary greatly. There are a few different factors you should compare from each company before choosing the right one for you.

What do you haul?
What kind of freight would you like to deliver to customers? Whether it’s a dry van, flatbed, refrigerated, or dry bulk rig, the first step to finding the right company is matching up what they transport to what you would like to haul.

How often will I be home?
This answer will vary greatly depending on the company and whether they are a local short haul or national interstate trucking company. There are many different options available to prospective drivers and it’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of the company’s options to ensure they fit your needs.

What are the pay and benefits?
This is where you need to decide how valuable you believe your truck driving time is. For instance, you might rather take a job that pays less as long as you’re home every night. When it comes to pay and benefits, the deciding factor becomes a very personal and varied choice.

After getting some of the more technical details out of the way, the next step is to gain an understanding of what the company is like from the inside. Though recruiters will provide you with a lot of the technical information in a professional way, it is important to remember that they are working for the best interest of the company. It’s up to you to talk to other drivers to understand what your job within the company will be. By talking to drivers, you can gain an honest inside perspective.

After comparing notes on all of these factors, you will most likely have your list narrowed down to two or three potential trucking companies, and be comfortable with whichever company you choose. The important thing is to give your new employer at least a year’s worth of your time and effort to in order to prove yourself, get out of the rookie zone, and really understand what the company is about.

If you are interested in the specifics of working as a truck driver for Bay & Bay Transportation, please don’t hesitate to contact our office about employment opportunities.