Truck Driving Jobs Get Exciting New Update At Bay & Bay

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Truck drivers who call Bay & Bay home just found another reason to stop in and visit the terminal more often.  Rosemount’s trucking and transportation company just invested $150,000 in a new state-of-the-art driving simulator.  By April 2014, this simulator will be in place and used in weekly orientation, annual training, and refresher training for those involved in accidents.

Safety Is Top Priority

Our number one goal as a company is to maintain safety and excellence in all that we do.  Simulation is a proven technology and approach to improve drivers’ decision making and reaction time. This type of training allows the driver to experience hazardous conditions in a safe environment so they will know how to handle that difficulty if experienced on the road.

Why Use Driving Simulation?

Simulation training allows drivers to navigate their way through challenging conditions and practice appropriate techniques for handling difficult driving. This learning tool will substantially increase drivers’ skill and confidence in real road situations.

In addition to high risk situation training, a driving simulator will also allow newer drivers to practice basic skills, such as shifting, turning, backing and speed management.  Veteran drivers can also brush up on intermediate and advanced driving skills like driving through mountains, rollover prevention, and driving in adverse conditions.  Bay & Bay has recently made a considerable push towards improving fuel economy and the simulator will also give drivers the ability to practice fuel saving techniques.

Training and Results

Several motor carriers have been using simulation for years as part of their driver safety training efforts and the results are compelling.  Simulators have returned impressive results in:

  • Reducing frequency of crashes (typically, 20% or more reduction)
  • Reducing severity of crashes (10-25% reduction)
  • Reduction in DOT-preventable crashes (20-25%)
  • Increased mean-time between crashes (5-10 days)
  • Improved fuel MPG (2-5% MPG improvement; reduction in fuel burned during training)
  • Reduced training cycle time (20-30% reduction in training hours)
  • Increased instructor: student ratio; instructor multiplier effect (1:1 to 1:5)
  • Improved driver retention; reduction in new driver washout rate (5-10%)

Investing In The Future

Accidents and cargo loss are some of the fastest rising costs for Bay & Bay.  While many accidents are non-preventable, most are preventable if a truck driver is properly trained.  Simulation training is an investment in improving how we train and how we manage safety.  With everyone on board, we will not only deliver on our promise to ensure drivers return home safely, but we will all benefit from the additional savings and ROI that simulation training can provide.

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