Weathering Winter Weather on the Road: Transportation Services in Eagan, MN

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What weather-related road hazard kills more people annually most years than thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes combined? Black ice. Storms, tornadoes and hurricanes all do a good job of making themselves known. Black ice is hardly visible on the road and often is not detected by truck drivers until it’s too late. On average black ice kills five hundred people each year, making it the most hazardous element Mother Nature throws at travelers. Add the whiteout conditions caused by blowing snow, the force of wind against the side of an 18 wheeler hauling a box of freight behind it and the situations caused by other vehicles on the road and it seems miraculous that there aren’t more accidents and deaths during winter storms. Bay and Bay Transportation offers qualified, trained truck drivers throughout the United States to navigate the elements and get your items to their destination safely.

Sometimes, when a winter storm strikes, the best choice a truck driver can make is to not travel anywhere at all. Certainly there is work to get done, money to be made, and one wants to return to friends and family as soon as possible. But a delay of a day is better than the loss of life and damage to property that can result from taking too big of a risk.

When driving cannot be avoided or weather conditions do not give a truck driver reason to believe they would be prevented from making it to their destination, proper precaution begins before hitting the road. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

The first step to steering clear of a hazardous situation is to keep an eye to the sky and an ear to the local weather reports. Some routes may be safer than others. Find out which ones tend to be cleared first and which ones have more trees and/or buildings along them to help break up the wind.

Here are some basics to check on your rig before rolling down the road: 1. Check the tires. A tire should have at least a 6/32-inch deep tread on it to be considered snow worthy. 2. Check the lights. It only takes an extra moment to make sure all of the lights on your rig are free of snow. 3. Check your windshield wiper blades and your windshield washer system. Visibility is enough of a challenge during a snow storm. Wiper blades that are worn and not having enough fluid to keep windows clean and clear only compounds the problems.

At Bay and Bay Transportation, the safety of our truck drivers is a top concern. It is our commitment, as well as the commitment of our drivers, to deliver loads safely, on time, and damage free. Call Bay and Bay Transportation today!