Driver Referral Program Changes at Bay and Bay Transportation: Truck Drivers in Eagan, MN

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Bay and Bay Transportation provides transportation services, truck drivers, and an unparalleled driver referral program in Eagan, MN and surrounding communities

Since its inception, Bay & Bay Transportation has focused on providing employees with meaningful opportunities to grow and earn more, while also providing solid benefit packages. We hire the best people by finding those we know, like, and trust. Part of finding the ideal candidates is asking the best in the business to refer to us those they know, like, and trust. One opportunity for employees that Bay and Bay offers is being updated: the Driver Referral Program in Eagan, MN.

The rules for the Driver Referral Program remain the same. If there are any questions regarding the rules, please call a Recruiter or Driver Manager for clarification at 800.878.8031, or use MACRO 59. What is changing? The payouts and the structure of those payouts are changing.

We are changing the rewards to all green. There will no longer be additional prizes such as t-shirts and hats. Instead, all rewards will be cash. When a driver employed by Bay & Bay Transportation or a driver who is an independent contractor with Bay & Bay refers a Company Driver, Lease Purchaser or Owner/Operator, he or she will receive the following bonuses:

• $1,000 will be paid out by Bay & Bay Transportation for each Company Driver referral (2 payments of $500).
• $1,500 will be paid out by Bay & Bay Transportation for each Lease Purchase referral (2 payments of $750).
• $2,000 will be paid out by Bay & Bay Transportation for each Owner Operator (2 payments of $1,000).

The first half of the payment will be made to the employee or independent contractor who referred the Company Driver, Lease Purchase or Owner/Operator at first dispatch. The second half will be paid after 90 days. The referring driver must be an employee or independent contractor at the time the bonus is paid.

Referral rewards are easy money. If there is someone you can recommend for any of the three opportunities listed above, simply give Bay & Bay Transportation the individual’s name and phone number and we will handle the rest. Contact us today!