Sharing the Road with Other Truck Drivers

Truck Driving Tips from Bay & Bay Transportation

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Driving, particularly truck driving, is not actually a singular activity. It may seem like you are isolated and alone when you’re driving many miles by yourself, but other drivers will always occupy the road along with you. From carpoolers to road trippers, commercial drivers and other truck drivers, Bay & Bay Transportation knows that you’re never truly alone on the road.

Respectfully sharing the road with other drivers helps everyone stay safer while traveling. Here are a few tips from one of our Owner-operators, Charlie Griffin. You can also check out the video here.

Merging: It’s important to be aware of upcoming on and off ramps. Anticipate what is happening around you. Pay close attention to drivers trying to merge onto the highway, as well as the big picture of all traffic.

Passing: When being passed by a car or other commuter vehicle on the road, it is important to maintain your speed. Reducing your speed could cause traffic backups and potentially increase the risk of accidents. On that same note, when another truck or transportation company vehicle is passing, sometimes it is appropriate to reduce your speed so that they can make a timely passing and the proper distance between vehicles can be maintained.

Lights: Most of the time it is completely appropriate to drive with your lights on. Just remember the 3 D’s: dusk, dawn, and dreary weather. If driving conditions match any of the 3 D’s, you should definitely have your lights on. Essentially, the only time you don’t need your headlights on is during bright, sunny days with dry roads.

Mirrors: You should scan your mirrors at least once every minute. Also remember to fully turn your head left and right to ensure there are no dangers hiding in your blind spots.

Inattentive Drivers: No matter the state or the law, there will always be drivers that think they can multitask while driving. Be aware of cars that are frequently drifting over lines or lanes. Some drivers even make it obvious that they aren’t paying attention by using their cell phones or other mobile devices in plain view. Extreme caution needs to be used around inattentive drivers. Keep extra distance between these cars and yourself.

Sharing the road is an important step in maintaining safety while driving.  is a trucking company that truly believes that safety should come first.

We are always looking for drivers that share the same values that we do. If you would like to work for Bay & Bay Transportation, check out our Driver Opportunities or click here to apply online!