Bay & Bay Truck Drivers in Minnesota Get the Chance to Go Green

Bay & Bay Transportation leads the charge towards cleaner running semi-trucks.


Recently, Bay & Bay Transportation acquired two alternative-fuel tractors to add to the fleet. Some truck drivers in Minnesota and Wisconsin now have the chance to operate the “green” trucks, and rave reviews are already coming in!

“The drivers are enjoying them [for] two reasons: they are really quiet, and the drivers don’t smell like diesel fuel when they get home at night,” says owner and CEO Sam Anderson of the green tractors.

Bay & Bay is an early user of the new technology for cleaner running trucks. We have always been committed to trucks that run cleaner, use less fuel, and are eco-friendly. The two new Freightliner Cascadia tractors each hold the equivalent of 140 gallons of diesel fuel and can travel about 450 miles on one tank. Though the two new green tractors run cleaner, they still produce the power and torque that equals the pulling force of the diesel powered trucks. While we are still collecting data, results are looking promising. One catch of the cleaner running tractors is that the oil needs to be changed 1-2 times more often than the diesel-fueled trucks.

In another 8 months, Bay & Bay Transportation will be compiling and assessing the data one more time before adding any more of the tractors to the fleet. If the results are favorable, we could add as many as 40 clean running trucks to the fleet.

As part of an industry that is a big contributor to the current state of the Earth, Bay & Bay Transportation is always looking for ways to lower our carbon footprint and be mindful of our effect on the environment. With these cleaner running trucks, we are hoping to lead the way to a healthier, more efficient trucking industry.

Bay & Bay Transportation looks to employ drivers with the same interests as us: safety, quality, and commitment to bettering ourselves and the environment. If your interests align with ours, please take a look at our Driving Opportunities for truck drivers in Minnesota and across the United States. You can also click here to apply online.