Winter Emergency Kits for Minnesota Truck Drivers

Bay and Bay provides some winter truck driving tips for drivers in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest.

bay and bay truck side

With winter quickly approaching (or is it already here?), motorists across the United States and Minnesota are preparing for inclement weather and scary road conditions. Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that you are prepared for the worst case scenario when you are away from home.

Stay Warm Inside…
Always tuck a few blankets away in your rig. If you are stranded in the middle of a storm, you don’t want to deplete the energy of your truck by running it the entire time. Also pack a contained candle and a lighter or book of matches in your truck. If you crack the window slightly and light the candle, it will provide your cab with hours of warmth.

And Outside.
Always be sure to pack a backup pair of mittens, gloves, boots, and a hat or ski mask. If you have to travel away from your vehicle at all, or go outside for a small repair, you’ll want to be sure you can bundle up. This is especially important if we have another winter anything like last year.

Survival Snacks and Water
Keep high-energy foods in the cab, like protein bars, dried fruits, and granola in case you are stuck for an extended period of time. Even if you are not stuck, it’s important to have a supply of healthy snacks to keep you focused on the road ahead. Bottled water, well that’s just a no brainer. You can survive for much longer without food than you can without hydration.

Small Repair Tools
Truck drivers are very familiar with their rigs and are usually more than capable of performing small repairs or maintenance tune-ups. It’s a smart idea to keep basic repair tools in your truck to keep it running perfectly. Tow straps and tire chains are also something to consider carrying during winter.

First Aid and Flashlights
Things rarely go wrong in the middle of the day. With shorter daylight hours until the end of December, you’ll want to keep a flashlight and batteries, or a hand crank flashlight on hand in case of breakdowns at night.

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