Dense Fog Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Driving in dense fog near Pittsburgh? Follow these tips from Bay & Bay Transportation.

Semi and trailer driving down a highway

Weather can be dangerous to drive in, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. However, when you’re a truck driver, weather isn't just in incidental, it's a major part of your planning. Usually, in the winter, we immediately think of snow and ice when it comes to poor weather. Truck drivers in Pittsburgh, PA should be aware of dense fog this season while making long trips with Bay & Bay Transportation. Here are some tips to make your journey safe:

  • If you must drive in the fog, drive slower. Fog is very unpredictable and can become thicker or denser at any time, making it especially hazardous for truck drivers with large vehicles. Do not drive faster than you can see ahead of you.
  • If needed, turn on all your lights to help you see and be seen by others. Do not turn on your brightest lights, however, as they do not penetrate dense fog as well as low beams do. When changing lanes or signaling drivers, use your hazards for extra precaution.
  • Use the lines on the road as a guide for staying straight. These lines can help guide you better than looking straight in front of you.
  • Be ready for emergency stops by cars and other trucks. Turn off all distractions, as many cars may be pulled over or moving slowly. This may require you to slow or stop suddenly.
  • If you absolutely cannot see or feel unsafe driving on the road in the fog, find the nearest rest area or truck stop. If possible, avoid pulling off to the side of the road, as it may be difficult for cars to see you as well. Turn your hazard lights on immediately when pulling off the road. Truck drivers should use their best judgment when driving in the fog.

Fog is not always an expected bad weather condition, but for many truck drivers, it’s the most difficult situation to drive in.  Bay & Bay Transportation urges truck drivers to be cautious on the road this holiday season in all kinds of weather.

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