America’s Trucking Shortage: Truck Drivers are Needed Everywhere!

According to American Trucking Associations (ATA), the trucking and transportation industry is short by about 35,000 drivers – and that's just for this year. If the shortage continues, along with high turnover rates, the industry could be short almost 240,000 truck drivers by 2020. According to Jason Seidl, a transportation analyst for Cowen & Co., "This is the mother of all truck driver shortages."

One cause of the shortage may be that the economy is finally bouncing back. This means there are more construction and factory based jobs available, where workers can live in a stationary place for extended periods of time.

Another part of the equation is that many Baby Boomer generation drivers are now reaching retirement age. Currently, there just aren't enough experienced drivers to keep up with those that are leaving. In response, many companies are offering signing bonuses or covering the cost of classes to obtain a CDL license.

For many experienced drivers, however, this shortage means that they get their pick of employers. From big corporate companies to small family-owned operations, a driver with many years (and miles) of OTR experience can decide which will fit them best instead of which comes along first.

Bay & Bay Transportation is no exception to the shortage the entire industry is facing. We are looking for experienced drivers (at least 6 months of solo OTR time) to fill company positions and owner-operator positions. In addition to competitive pay, Bay & Bay offers extensive benefits, including full medical and dental benefits, life insurance, paid holidays, sick and vacation time, as well as 401(k) plans.

If you are looking to switch companies or start a trucking career, consider applying for a position with Bay & Bay Transportation.