Bay & Bay Careers: Company Driver or Owner-Operator

Most drivers have been faced with the same choice: after gaining the required experience do you continue to stay on as a company driver, or do you take the leap to become an owner/operator? Both have their pros and cons, but ultimately only you can make the decision to make a major change to your truck driving career. Let's take a look at some of the points to consider from each side.

Salary and Benefits
As a company driver, you have a salary you can count on, as well as additional benefits that the company provides. As an owner-operator, you may be able to make more money, but the guarantee of consistent work will never be there. Most companies offer enough bonuses that you can easily make the same amount as an owner-operator.

Business Skills
An owner-operator is self-employed. That means you handle the networking, tax filings, customer relations and other administrative tasks. Company drivers have the ability to leave the office on the road and let it go when they get home.

Equipment Maintenance
As a company driver, you will have to maintain your rig and all the equipment that goes along with it, but you'll always be reimbursed for it. Apart from the required service check ups, there isn't much you'll need to do. For owner-operators, check ups and repairs add to the administrative tasks that they need to keep track of, however, many drivers enjoy the customization and hands-on experience of owning their own truck.

Any way you slice it, both company drivers and owner-operators are needed to fill the trucking shortage in the United States. Bay & Bay Transportation offers a competitive salary for our company drivers, as well as benefits. Additionally, when owner-operators work with us, we are able to provide them with additional benefits that they may miss as independent contractors elsewhere.

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