7 Ways to Meet People While Truck Driving

At Bay & Bay Transportation, we believe that truck driving provides unique opportunities to meet people all across the country. Not quite sure how to make a new friend or start connecting? Here are some tips for how to socialize anywhere your route takes you.

Smile and pay it forward.

Learn how to exude positivity; and mean it! Find opportunities for random acts of kindness with anyone you meet. Do this to make an unforgettable impression wherever you go. Who knows, maybe you'll start the next pay-it-forward chain at a local coffee shop!

Start a low-stakes conversation.

Ask for directions, offer to take pictures for fellow travelers at a landmark, or comment on the weather (us Minnesotans can't help it). If conversation flows, go with it.

Carry a deck of cards.

Shoot the breeze over late night pancakes and a solid card game. Learn some classics to have in your back-pocket, and be prepared to learn new ones along the way.

Explore local attractions and food hotspots.

This is obvious, but go where the people are! If you already spend a lot of time traveling the roads, you may as well see some of the famous landmarks you are driving past. Visit local Ma-and-Pop restaurants to get a real feel for what the locals are like.

Use social media to your advantage.

Update friends on your travel itinerary using sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Document your adventures in a travel blog. Your friends may know of people willing to meet up as you travel through different areas.

Try out a social app.

Create your own profile and search for people who are traveling to or live in cities along your route using apps such as Badoo, BeWelcome and TravBuddy. On Meetup.com you can search for groups and events based on common interests like reading, photography or card or board games!

Be you.

Be proud of your achievements, find humor in your quirks, and invest in experiences you find interesting.  When you are comfortable with you, people will naturally be more at ease when they meet you.

At Bay & Bay Transportation, we are committed to ensuring that our drivers are treated like family both on and off the road. Email us at hr@bayandbay.com  to learn how to join our fleet or visit our Driver Careers page for more information about current job openings for truck drivers in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest.