The Numbers Don’t Lie: It’s a Good Time to Start Your Career as a Truck Driver with Bay & Bay Transportation | Minneapolis, MN

On July 2nd, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest employment data which showed an increase of 223, 000 jobs in June. As usual, the health care and retail industries were two of the strongest contributors, but the transportation and warehousing industry also had a notable expansion in the number of jobs added to the economy. This means that trucking companies like Minneapolis-based Bay and Bay Transportation are currently looking for people who want to make their careers as truck drivers to fill newly created positions.

When looking at the numbers, it’s clear that the transportation industry is growing quickly. An article in TruckerNews stated that the trade, transportation and utilities sector added 49, 000 jobs in June, 7,400 of which were in the for-hire trucking industry alone. It was also noted that this is a new all-time high for employment in the industry, a total of 1.4585 million employees on a seasonally adjusted basis. According to the Wall Street Journal, the 7,400 new trucking jobs raise the past three-month total to 19,000 and, looking back over the past year, 43,000 jobs were added to the trucking industry since June 2014.

Let’s see how job growth in the transportation industry stacks up against other areas of the economy in the latest report:

  • Health Care: +40,000 jobs
  • Retail: +33,000 jobs
  • Financial: +20,000 jobs
  • Mining: -4000 jobs
  • Manufacturing: little to no change
  • Construction: little to no change
  • Government: little to no change

With thousands of new jobs in the last few months and the transportation industry widely acknowledged as a growing part of the national economy, it clear that it's better than ever to start your career as a truck driver. And if you want to join a trucking company that is committed to customer satisfaction and investing in it's employees, contact Bay & Bay Transportation today!