Living the Quality Life as a Truck Driver for Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, Minnesota

It’s an industry on the rise; there has never been a better time to become a truck driver. Or, if you’re already a truck driver, the time is now to make the most of your career. Bay & Bay Transportation, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the transportation company to have your truck driving career with.

The trucking industry has definitely seen changes in the last few years. According to American Trucking Associations, the truck driving industry is experiencing a driver shortage of an estimated 35,000 to 40,000 drivers. This shortage is expected to increase as truckers retire. The industry is working to find solutions by raising pay between 8% and 15% and adding sign-on bonuses.

In another industry trend, there are companies creating luxury cabs that trucking fleets are finding to be an attractive way to both draw in new drivers and retain more seasoned drivers. Some companies such as Bolt and Legacy Sleepers are building new, fancy luxurious custom cabs for truckers. While the price tag is extravagant, when you spend 11 hours on the road, it sure is nice to have a custom built home-away-from-home in the truck with you. It absolutely beats the normal, federally regulated sleeper berth that we in the trucking industry know so well.

Of course, your choice of which carrier to drive for sets the tone for your career. We at Bay & Bay Transportation, in Minneapolis, MN, offer some of the best motivating incentives to join our company. In 2015, we were voted one of the top 20 best fleets to drive for by the Truckload Carriers Association and CarriersEdge. Bay & Bay offers drivers so much more, including:

  • New pay rates, plus bonus opportunities
  • A higher base pay
  • Full medical and dental benefits

On top of these, we offer so many diverse options for you, the truck driver. These include:

  • OTR and local truck driving jobs
  • Company drivers
  • Lease purchase drivers
  • Independent contractors
  • Various hiring locations throughout the United States, including Minneapolis, MN

At Bay & Bay, in Minneapolis and throughout the United States, we are a family owned company who believes in our truck drivers. Our goal is to provide you with the best opportunities to work with us and have a truly satisfying truck driving career. Give us a call today.