Winter Road Safety Is Vital For Truck Drivers Serving the Indianapolis, IN Area

Truck drivers operate large vehicles in all kinds of weather, from sunshine to rain to snowstorms. All truck drivers know the dangers of driving in winter. Those of us driving in the Midwest know that local roads present especially dangerous hazards, such as black ice, blowing snow, white-out conditions, and anywhere from a light dusting to several inches of slippery snow. At Bay & Bay Transportation, we emphasize safety as a vital part of your successful career as a truck driver, especially when serving the Indianapolis, IN area in the middle of winter on a slippery, snow-covered route.

Keep Your Vehicle Well-Maintained

Be sure that your vehicle is operating properly long before the snow starts to fall. Will the engine run in frigid temperatures of -20°F or colder? Are your cab heating systems going to keep you warm when you’re on the road? Are you confident that your vehicle will start in all weather conditions? Do you have the necessary equipment with you? Among your winter weather supplies, you should have an ice scraper, chains that are in top condition, extra antifreeze, extra washer fluid, a warm winter coat, waterproof gloves to keep you warm, and sturdy winter boots.

Drive Safely

When in doubt, slow down and proceed with caution. A vehicle travelling at slow speeds will be easier to control in poor driving conditions than one that is travelling at the full posted speed. The last thing you want is to collide with another vehicle or to tip over on the side of the road. Keep in mind as well that you are not the only vehicle on the road. Be conscious of your fellow drivers and be aware that your ability to control your vehicle this winter could also affect their safety. If conditions become unsafe, pull over at the nearest available rest stop until it is safe to continue.

Plan Your Route

Road-trip planning is an essential skill for every career as a truck driver. We recommend planning a few alternative rest stops in case your first choice is closed due to inclement weather. Poor road conditions may slow down your travel time. For this reason, we also advise planning extra travel time to avoid delaying scheduled stops.

Stay Informed Of Current Conditions

It’s important to know the current road conditions along every segment of your route, especially when you’ll be travelling long distances. Modern technology makes staying informed easier than ever. Check the online weather reports on a computer or smartphone before your vehicle hits the road. When you pull into a truck stop, watch the local weather reports on television. Call the Indiana DOT Road Conditions phone line at 1-800-261-ROAD to hear updated weather reports. You can also consult with other truck drivers along your route via the CB radio.

Remember, your career as a truck driver can only continue if you are alive and well to enjoy it. At Bay & Bay Transportation, safety is our top priority for you and for every one of our truck drivers serving the Indianapolis, IN area. We work with our truck drivers and provide the best quality equipment to ensure success for our whole team.