Santa Claus is a Truck Driver for Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ho-ho-ho! In your truck driving career, you are Santa Claus. You, the truck driver, are the holidays. In your role as a truck driver, you deliver wares all across the United States, and those items wind up in the hands of girls and boys of all ages! Your truck driving career for Bay & Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN brings the very same degree of importance at this time of year.

In the United States, truck driving has become the method of choice to transport goods from point A to point B. Truck driving has become vital to the United States economy. As reported by the US Department of Transportation, only three other sectors—housing, health care, and food—contribute more to the gross domestic product of the United States. Such a task is incredibly important, and you are the professional truck driver performing this great duty. The job outlook for a career in truck driving over the next seven years is positive. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for truck drivers is projected to grow. “As the economy grows, the demand for goods will increase.” Truck drivers are needed to deliver these goods. A career as a truck driver actually provides many more jobs than you might think since "one out of every seven jobs in the United States is transportation related.”

Truck driving at this time of year is so very important, as many families rely on their local grocers and retail stores to have what they need for the holidays. The food on the table, the toys under the tree, even the trees themselves, are all transported across the United States by trucks and truck drivers.  You, the truck driver, bring the holidays to us. According to truck driver Victoria Kronz, “Some days I feel like I’m Santa’s elf bringing the toys for Christmas time.”  
As we are now in the holiday season in Minneapolis, MN and across the United States, here at Bay & Bay Transportation, we want to wish you a very joyful season and a happy and healthy New Year. And please call us as you consider a career in truck driving!