Our Refrigerated Transport Company Delivers Reliably and On-Time in Minneapolis, MN

It’s the worst-case scenario for restaurant owners: after celebrating a busier-than-expected week, they anxiously await restocking their walk-in coolers and freezers with the next delivery of product…and wait…and wait. Their delivery finally arrives a few hours late during the next busy mealtime. All staff are busy helping customers and keeping a wary eye on the remaining product. The delivery driver gets a mouthful from the frustrated staff for being so late. With Bay & Bay Transportation as the refrigerated transport company for your Minneapolis, MN, you’ll receive on-time, reliable, hassle-free deliveries every time.


On-time delivery is among the most important factors restaurant owners look for in their refrigerated transport company. Restaurants often have a set delivery time that is the same every week. When ordering more product, they plan around this schedule so they can provide their customers with the freshest product possible while still keeping their food costs down.


Delays come in all forms, including severe weather, road construction, traffic delays along the route, and a few extra stops added to the regular route. Restaurant owners and truck drivers can both predict and communicate expected delays using weather forecasts and local event calendars to guide them. Of course, not every delay can be predicted. When the unexpected happens, communication is critical. If your restaurant has the same driver from week to week, ask them to call your store’s number or notify the refrigerated transportation company office if they will be more than an hour behind schedule.


As every restaurant owner knows, nothing is entirely stable in the food service industry. Business changes from week to week with the seasons and local events. Deliveries are affected as new clients add routes with your refrigerated transport company. The best thing you can do to keep things running smoothly is to watch the trends for your store and plan ahead. Try to order enough product to keep your restaurant well-stocked one day past your scheduled delivery. In case of an unexpected delay, this will give you product to work with until the truck driver arrives.


Your Minneapolis, MN restaurant deserves the best quality service possible and Bay & Bay Transportation delivers as your refrigerated transport company. Our drivers are highly experienced, boasting a collective pickup and delivery record of over 99%. We follow the FDA’s most current federal guidelines strictly when handling perishable food products. Contact us at 651-480-7961 to join our national clients, many of whom have relied on us for consistent, reliable service since 1959.