Bay and Bay Keeps Driving Jobs in Dallas, TX Secure by Abiding by FDA Regulations

Having a transportation business isn’t something you can just get up and do, especially when it comes to hauling loads that are easily damaged such as food. If you aren’t careful, there’s a possibility that the food you’re carrying could spoil, which could decrease your chances of getting those kinds of driving jobs. For that reason, Bay and Bay Transportation keeps a close eye on common ways that food perishables are mishandled and what regulations are needed to retain such driving jobs for our drivers in Dallas, TX.

According to the FDA website, the following are common problems that could lead to food spoiling during transportation:

  1. Improper refrigeration of products
  2. Cross contamination of food products or improper sanitization of the container
  3. Products not being handled the way they should when waiting to be loaded onto the truck
  4. Drivers not having the proper training or knowledge of food safety
  5. Food not being packed properly
  6. Lack of employee hygiene
  7. Policies not being put in place for the proper handling of food products
  8. Rejected loads not being tracked well
  9. Transportation units having design flaws
  10. Not having the proper equipment to load food into the transportation unit

When transporting food products, making sure the load you’re carrying doesn’t become contaminated or spoiled is simply what’s good for business. At Bay and Bay transportation, there’s nothing more important than keeping perishable products safe while they’re shipped to their destinations. In order to keep these transportation jobs available for our drivers, we do everything we can to follow FDA regulations for hauling food products. Keeping our drivers on the road is a top priority. If you’re an experienced truck driver in Dallas, TX looking for a reputable company to haul for, fill out an application for Bay and Bay Transportation today!