Keeping Cool on the Summer Roads in Columbus, OH

Heatwaves are hitting the states this week and Columbus, OH is no exception. With temperatures landing among the 80s and 90s, it's hard enough to keep cool in a swimming pool, let alone a cramped truck cabin. Seasoned truckers like those at Bay & Bay Trucking know that truck driving can be a serious challenge in the summer, and that in some cases not even the strongest air conditioning units can save you. So here are a few tiny tips for keeping your body temperature lower than the asphalt you're driving on.

One of the best things an overheated truck driver can have at their side is a miniature cooler. A little cooler can be a life saver on all day scorchers, and with a little planning, it can be the ticket to smooth and cool trucking. Even if you can't get your hands on a cooler, a well-insulated bag is a great option as well. Anything that can hold a little cool air in and keep the hot air out will do just fine!

Once you have a container, prepare your summer truck driving arsenal: at least three bottles of water, a damp rag, grapes, and one or two spare undershirts.

The first step is to fill a couple of bottles with water and freeze them. Fill the third bottle to the top with water and stow it in the cooler. Next, pick the grapes off the stem, put them in a bag, and freeze these as well. Bag up the undershirts and stow them in the cooler, then take the damp rag and place it in the cooler (without a bag).

Once the water and grapes are frozen, add them to the cooler as well and you're ready to go! While you're on the road, the grapes give you quick access to a frozen snack without too much additional sugar or spending. Plus, the frozen water bottles will help keep everything cool and provide more cold water as they thaw.

When you start getting too warm, place the cool, damp rag on the base of your neck and return it to the cooler once it heats up. The other items should cool it back down and you can re-apply as needed. If you find yourself getting too damp and sticky from the heat or sweat, take some time at your next stop to switch into a cool, dry undershirt.

Truck driving requires a lot of tenacity, but it also requires creativity. Heatstroke and fatigue can severely impact the health of a truck driver, or at the absolute least, interrupt their work. Staying comfortable and cool is just as important as keeping your gas tank full.

If you're a Columbus, OH resident and you’re interested in truck driving opportunities, contact Bay & Bay Transportation at 888.801.3026 or visit their website here. Stay cool out there, truck drivers!