Superior Logistics Services by Bay and Bay Transportation in Minneapolis, MN

When you’re driving down the road across the United States, you’ll see a lot of trucks. Most people assume that those trucks are all driven by drivers working for one company or that the drivers own their own trucks and are carrying freight for a company. Both scenarios can be true, but there’s another part of the trucking industry that coordinates the finer details of how these big rigs can more efficiently move freight around the country, and that’s called freight brokerage. Bay and Bay is a leader in the Minneapolis, MN area for Logistics to companies who need reliable carriers to deliver freight from point to point.

Our knowledge of both the trucking industry itself and the right connections between companies and carriers is where we shine. We pre-qualify our carriers and can offer a complete line of options for flatbeds, specialty, tanker, or reefers. With over 13,000 rigorously screened pre-qualified carriers in North America at our fingertips, we can find the right one for your job. If you’re looking for more cost effective solutions, we also offer intermodal and rail system transport as well.

At Bay and Bay, we know what it means to have empty trucks sitting waiting for loads: it means lost revenue for you, and lost revenue for your drivers. We have the know-how and the experience to choose the right shipper to transport the freight and we handle all the logistics from roll-out to delivery with our up-to-date tracking and freight management systems. Our solid reputation and 5 decades of experience go hand-in-hand with our commitment to leaving nothing to chance when it comes to delivering your freight safely and on time.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we’re members of the Transportation Intermediaries Association, the national trade association for intermediaries and the publisher of industry best practices. Trust Bay and Bay Transportation to deliver your freight across Minneapolis, the Twin Cities, or across the United StatesCall us today.