Creating a Food Budget for Columbus, OH Truck Driving Jobs

We’ve all been pretty financially focused lately. Now that the deadline to file your taxes is behind us, we may feel that we can relax a bit. However, now is the perfect time to evaluate your spending habits and create a budget to meet the lifestyle of truck driving jobs in Columbus, OH with Bay and Bay Transportation. There are likely several categories in your personal budget, but for now we’re focusing on food expenses.

You’re already used to recording your on-duty and off-duty hours using your driver’s daily log. It’s easy to extend this part of the truck driving job to your personal finances. Create a paper or electronic spreadsheet that will track your income and expenses and detail your personal budget. Decide how much money you’re willing to spend each month on food, truck stop showers, fuel, and other necessities. You can adjust your budget as needed each month. Just don’t spend more than you have saved.

It’s easy to overspend on food if you’re not careful, especially when truck driving jobs require long hauls. We’ve come up with a few money-saving tips for eating well while you’re on the road:

  • Store your favorite foods and beverages in your plug-in cooler.
  • Limit your visits to restaurants. When you do eat out, take half of the meal with you in a to-go container and enjoy it for the next meal.
  • Ask for a water glass instead of soft drinks to stay hydrated and reduce the cost of eating out.
  • Use a refillable plastic water bottle instead of constantly buying water bottles at the convenience store.
  • Keep a gallon or two of refillable water jugs on board. Your grocery store may allow free refills when you bring the empty jug back.
  • Look for reward programs at your favorite stores and truck stops. Many truck stops offer free showers based on fuel purchases. Some grocery stores partner with local gas stations to let you earn higher fuel discounts based on the items you buy. Pick the reward programs that will benefit you the most.

Ask for a copy of your receipt after every purchase and keep them together in a folder. You can recycle them at the end of the month when you’ve recorded your expenses in your spreadsheet. Remember to shred credit card receipts and never buy more in a month with your credit card than you will be able to pay off the next month. Carrying a balance on your credit card could lead to credit card debt that’s difficult to escape.

We encourage you to re-evaluate each section of your budget once a month and adjust it as needed. Any extra money leftover at the end of the month should be put into a savings account where it can earn interest or be invested wisely so that your hard-earned money is ready to use when you need it most. At Bay and Bay Transportation, we want the best for our truck drivers in Columbus, OH and across the country. For more helpful budgeting tips or to learn about our open driving jobs, please contact us at or call 888-801-3026.