Zen and the Art of Truck Driving in Madison, WI

Becoming a professional truck driver requires a certain personality type. You must be adaptable, calculating, organized, and perhaps most importantly, Zen. Experienced truck drivers like those at Bay and Bay Transportation know how to deal with an incredible number of variables while remaining relaxed and alert. Traffic, weather, construction, navigation, and cargo awareness are all vital components of the truck driving process. With all of these parts moving in tandem, one thing going wrong can trigger a chain reaction that ultimately throws off the whole gig. This is why learning how to keep your cool is a great way to tell the seasoned drivers from the newbies. If you're new to truck driving in Madison, WI, and are still trying to find your Zen, try some of these easy tricks.

Start your journey to truck driving Zen by learning to breathe it out. If you're suddenly cut-off in traffic or are unexpectedly caught in bad weather, it can quickly seem like the world is moving too fast for you to handle. This is a normal response to stress, but learning how to slow everything back down is key. Consciously let out a breath and relax your shoulders if you find yourself clenching or getting tense.

Next, stay hydrated! Water may not seem like an obvious solution to tension, but for truck drivers it's important to keep every aspect of your health in check to be as effective as possible. Drinking enough water will keep you alert, comfortable, and will help you keep your blood pressure down. If your body is feeling Zen, so will your mind.

Finally, train your attitude. Truck driving can be a frustrating profession because so much of your job relies on other drivers being conscious and courteous. Instead of seeing your road-mates as the enemy, make the road your “happy place.” Bring music you enjoy, keep yourself comfortable, and make each job an opportunity to enjoy yourself. If you go into your work with optimism, a few mishaps won't ruin your mood.

If you're interested in professional truck driving in Madison, WI, call Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website here. Truck drivers may have a lot on their plates, but the road to Zen may just be a few breaths away.