Rethinking Reliable Truck Transport in Minneapolis, MN

There’s a lot of talk these days about automating cars and even over-the-road trucks in the quest for safety and great reliability. While self-driving trucks are the ultimate goal of some firms, at Bay & Bay Transportation, we value and rely on our individual experts behind the wheel in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and all over the country.

When you figure that long-haul trucking plays a role in nearly three-quarters of what we buy, you understand the reach and impact of professional drivers like the dedicated men and women who drive for Bay & Bay. Their determination and dedication keep America moving no matter the hour or day.

Whether it’s local jobs around the Twin Cities region or jobs that extend to distant parts of the United States, Bay & Bay drivers take safety seriously. They don’t subscribe to the notion that the only way to ensure the prevention of accidents is to adopt self-driving technology and sensors mounted on big rigs for testing on our nation’s highways.

There’s no need to tune hardware and software when Bay & Bay’s experienced drivers know the routes and use good judgment in all kinds of conditions, with the ultimate goal of arriving on-time with a safe and secure load.

Bay & Bay also offers you ultimate flexibility, no matter your transportation needs, whether you need dry van freight, flatbed, intermodal, refrigerated, and even irregular or partial loads.

Bay & Bay is a quality driven tradition in Minneapolis with a reputation that grows by the mile around the Midwest and extends to all points of the US and Canada. To learn more about how Bay & Bay Transportation can offer you a safe, reliable hauling solution, give us a call at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website for more details.