Find the Shipping Flexibility Your Atlanta, GA, Company Needs With Our Top-Notch Transportation Company

Many businesses depend on transportation companies to ship their various products to customers across the country. Food distributors need to keep perishable foods refrigerated, while clothing companies prefer dry van trailers. Look no further than Bay & Bay Transportation for a flexible transportation company with the right trucks in our fleet to meet your Atlanta, GA, company’s exact shipping needs.

Dry Van Transportation

You probably think of dry van trailers first when you picture commercial truck trailers. Our fleet offers 53-foot air ride vans that travel from plant to plant and between stores and distribution centers across the country to provide efficient shipping for your company.

Refrigerated Transportation

Not every product is best suited for transportation in a dry van trailer. Refrigerated and frozen food products, for example, must stay at their proper temperature from point A to point B to prevent spoiling and foodborne illnesses. You’ll find that our transportation company’s technologically advanced Thermo King Smart Reefers are just what you need to protect your temperature-sensitive products.

Dry Tank Transportation

Bay & Bay Transportation has the right equipment to handle your non-food grade transportation needs. Our transportation company frequently provides dry tank transportation to clients who wish to ship fracking sand, limestone, white and gray cement, silica sand, quartz, and landscaping materials. We follow rigorous standards to keep our trucks clean and your dry tank load contamination-free.

Less Than Truckload

Not every shipment requires an entire trailer. Our logistics division has the knowledge and expertise to find the fastest and most affordable delivery options for your shipment, no matter how big or small the load.


Perhaps your shipment is too large to fit in a standard commercial trailer. Our fleet includes flatbed trailers and specialty trailers designed to transport over-sized and over-weight shipments with ease. Companies who work with machinery and rolling stock frequently seek our flatbed transportation expertise to ship their equipment reliably and on-time.

Your company deserves to work with a transportation company that can fit your shipping needs. No matter the type of product to be shipped or the distance it needs to travel, count on Bay & Bay Transportation to deliver your shipment from your Atlanta, GA, facility to wherever it needs to go. Contact us today to discover how we can help you with your transportation needs.