Mandatory Self Maintenance in Madison, WI

Some people outside of the truck driving community imagine professional truck driving as a cushy job. They picture men and women like those at Bay and Bay Transportation sitting in their comfy seats, listening to the radio, snacking, and otherwise having a very relaxing time. Though it's true that some truck drivers are able to achieve an impressive level of driving Zen on the road, that doesn't mean that truck driving isn't a physically and personally demanding occupation. Because of those demands, anyone interested in truck driving as a lifestyle in Madison, WI, should be prepared to show the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) they're ready for the job in every way.

If you're interested in interstate truck driving professionally in the USA, you have to pass a DOT physical exam and be certified before you hit the road. This means having your hearing and vision tested, blood pressure measured, and your general health evaluated. Truck drivers with significant health troubles can and will be denied until they are able to prove themselves fit for action. And, despite how it may sound, this is a good thing.

Professional truck drivers don't necessarily need to be vegetarian body builders, but they do need to be adequately healthy. After the initial certification is given, the DOT physical exam is intended to be re-done every two years. Without a consistently healthy lifestyle, some truck drivers could lose their certification later down the road.

As a professional truck driver, there's an expectation that you'll take as much care of yourself and lifestyle choices as you do with your trucks. It may seem strict or overly involved, but such rigid regulations exist to keep dedicated truck drivers safely on the road as long as they want to be. Plus, staying on top of your health on the road will still benefit you by the time you make it back home.

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