Are Truckers in Minneapolis, MN Among Those Who Will Benefit Most from Election 2016?

Increased infrastructure spending in Minneapolis, Minnesota and all parts of the United States was one of a small number of areas the major presidential candidates agreed this year. Like many other companies, Bay & Bay is interested in what its haulers will face in the near future and farther down the road.

In his victory speech following the election, president-elect Donald Trump pledged to “rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals.” Trump not only views the task as a way to make improvements, but also a jobs plan.

But how much and how soon? During the campaign, Trump hinted about potentially spending more than a trillion dollars on infrastructure improvements over a decade. If so, will that be in addition to the $305 billion in transportation money President Barack Obama approved to be spent as a part of the “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation” or FAST Act over the next 5-years?

Efforts to boost funding for Minneapolis and greater Minnesota’s infrastructure failed for a second legislative session earlier this year. A major roadblock was how those improvements would be paid for. Proposals which included raising the state’s fuel tax have faced stiff opposition, and the resulting delays will adversely affect freight haulers on several important Minnesota routes.

Questions of funding (many fear it will be higher fuel taxes and tolls) and just how much will be spent nationwide are likely to be a major issue for the incoming president and congress. Many are hopeful a bi-partisan solution can be found to pay for some badly needed repairs to roads and bridges.

While carefully watching what happens next, Bay & Bay Transportation of Minneapolis believes safe roads and truckers go together. That's why we're seeking company drivers, independent contractors, and those who prefer to operate late model rigs on local routes in the Twin Cities area and other cities. There are also opportunities for haulers who are seeking longer runs across the U.S. and into Canada.

Bay & Bay Transportation knows its emphasis on safety and reliability is tied to good infrastructure and improvements to our increasingly congested roadways. That's why we're known as a quality driven tradition on highways around Minneapolis and on countless miles of pavement nationwide. Call (888) 801-3026, or visit our website to learn more.