Tips to Get Your Product in Stores and Why You Need to Hire a Trucking Company in Atlanta, GA

When you’re creating a product to sell, you have a lot on your plate. You have to make something that people will want to buy and use in their home or place of business. You have to aim for an attractive design and make your company valuable to the masses. These tasks are hard enough, but the real fight comes with getting retail stores to carry your product. How do you persuade them? How do you stand out from the hundreds (if not thousands) of other companies fighting for their spot on the shelf? Don’t throw in the towel; read the tips below and work out a plan that suits you. After you’ve developed your product, Bay & Bay Transportation can help you transport your product across the country, including across Atlanta, GA, with our professional trucking services.

Do the Research

Before you approach a store, you need to know about what they typically sell and who their customers are. Do young mothers frequently shop there, or are little old ladies the norm? What are the store’s bestsellers? Is there a gap in their product selection that you could fill? Can you compete with prices? Never walk into a situation blind or assume you have it in the bag. If you look like you didn’t care enough to learn more about the business, they won’t take you seriously. Seriously.

Pitch It

Once you think you know enough about the store, visit the owners in person and tell them what you have on the table. Schedule a meeting. Don’t show up in an old shirt and ragged jeans, as this will only make you look unprofessional. Bring samples, a list of features, and other information. Answer their questions no matter how unnecessary they may seem to you.

Know What You Have to Work With

How much space could the store spare for the display of your product? Work out a display design that takes up as little room as possible.

Once you have a store or stores willing to carry your product, look into hiring a trucking company. Whether you need refrigerated transportation or not, a professional team of drivers can help you.

In 2009, 26.4 million trucks were being used for businesses. Make sure your truckers are real professionals. Contact Bay & Bay Transportation of Atlanta, GA, and talk to a reliable trucking company.