Holiday Weekends Are Primetime for Transportation Theft

Holidays, like Thanksgiving weekend, are a festive time in many areas not just in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Unfortunately, criminals who like to prey on cargo companies know this and are looking for opportunities to strike over the long weekend.

FreightWatch International reports that over the past six-years the transportation industry has logged an average of more than three thefts per-day during the Thanksgiving holiday. That's an increase over the number of stolen property reports from other days of the year.

Large thefts over previous Holiday weekends have included:

  • A full truckload theft of televisions worth $381,000 in Louisiana
  • The full truckload theft of cosmetics worth $560,000 in North Carolina
  • A facility theft of $648,000 worth of alcohol in Washington

Organized thieves know that holiday weekends can mean shipments left parked and unwatched for long periods of time. That's why FreightWatch International is encouraging logistics and security pros to ensure their security plans are up-to-date for drivers and their warehouses.

It’s a job for Bay & Bay Transportation of Minneapolis’ proactive shipment management team. As a licensed, bonded, and insured property broker, our logistics division gives their clients access to thousands of qualified carriers and related companies in Minneapolis and across the U.S., plus Canada.

The goal is to leave nothing to chance. Bay & Bay understands that logistics means more than transportation; it means managing the details of every shipment, to head off delays, the potential for theft (whether over a long holiday weekend or otherwise), and to arrive with no surprises.

Bay & Bay believes that secure practices and good operators go together. That's why we're seeking company drivers, independent contractors, and those who prefer to drive late model trucks on local routes in the Twin Cities area and other cities, as well as longer assignments across North America.

Bay & Bay Transportation’s focus on safety and reliability is why we're known as a quality driven tradition around Minneapolis and to satisfied customers nationwide. Call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web site to learn more.