The Trials and Tribulations of Winter Truck Driving

Driving a truck in adverse conditions can be high stress and exhausting, even for the most seasoned truck drivers. Even if the roads are relatively clear, as soon as winter hits in full force in Philadelphia, PA, it seems as though half of the population forgets how to properly operate their cars. Instead of speeding they crawl; instead of turning they fishtail; and sometimes, if the roads are really bad, they may lose control entirely and end up in a drift. Professional truck drivers like those with Bay and Bay Transportation learned early on that winter truck driving isn't something you do on your own; it's something you have to do while navigating amongst less experienced drivers as well.

The first and most important step in winter truck driving is to not be overconfident. This may be a lot to ask, especially for truck drivers that have been in the business for many years, but caution is truly your best weapon for driving in winter conditions. The best thing you can do for yourself and for the drivers around you is stick to your best safety tips such as keeping more distance between vehicles, slowing down, and keeping your lights on. Give the other drivers around you even more space, go slow, and make yourself as visible as possible. You're not just fighting against the elements - you're also fighting against that commuter on your right who is trying to drink coffee and change the radio simultaneously...on black ice.

The second most important step is to always plan for the worst-case scenario. This may mean anything from keeping an extra pair of gloves in your cab to storing emergency rations in case you get stuck halfway to your destination. At the very least a flashlight, a heavy blanket, and extra water are a good start.

Lastly, check the weather so often that you could report it if asked. Know the conditions, weigh the possibilities, and plan your route accordingly. Even if you're the safest truck driver in Pennsylvania, that doesn't mean you'll never get caught in rough conditions. Be safe and be smart about it.

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