A New Administration and Year Guarantee Change Ahead for Truckers in Atlanta, GA

Just as sure as there will be a major bottleneck and a big slowdown on your favorite freeway in Atlanta, GA, there are also a few not so apparent changes ahead for the transportation industry this year.

The new Trump administration is promising to put a dent in regulations far faster than the DOT can do something about the notorious congestion at the I-285/I-85 interchange, known to most locally in Atlanta, GA, as “Spaghetti Junction.”

Trump’s freeze on new federal regulations will apply to the trucking industry as well as several other businesses overseen by government agencies. It is likely more of a delay in the case of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Entry-Level Driver Training rule, which was published in December. But now regulators will have until late March to review it. At this point, the rule’s compliance date, which is early February of 2020 has not changed.

Transportation industry watchers believe Trump’s battle against regulation will probably mean the end of the U.S. DOT’s push to require speed limiters on larger trucks. The proposal wanted to require all new trucks to be equipped with speed limiters and to require older rigs to have them installed as well.

But not every rule or regulation can be scrapped or delayed. The new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate is still scheduled to take effect in mid-December of this year. Companies like Bay & Bay Transportation of Atlanta, GA, and drivers everywhere have been given a nearly two-year head start on complying with the new regulation. While some government regulations can be sidelined by the stroke of a pen, this one will likely take an act of Congress to overturn.

Bay & Bay is ready to comply with whatever regulators decide will lead to safe and timely hauling of loads in Atlanta, across the U.S., and into Canada. Bay & Bay is currently seeking local drivers in the Atlanta, GA, area and those who want to handle longer routes in the Southeast.

Bay & Bay’s emphasis on reliability is tied to great drivers and good planning. It’s one of the many reasons why they are known as a quality driven tradition on highways around Atlanta, GA, and on countless miles of roadway nationwide. Call (888) 801-3026, or visit our website to learn more about driver opportunities and hauling solutions.