Beating the Dallas, TX, Heat as a Professional Truck Driver

It's not quite the time of year where heat stroke in Dallas, TX, is a major concern, but spring is around the corner along with much higher temperatures. For many regular commuters, thanks to modern advances in air conditioning technology, this might not seem like too much of an adjustment. For a full time Bay and Bay Transportation truck driver, however, there are some genuine heat-related dangers that you should consider.

Working for a trucking company means loading and unloading, servicing your truck, and sitting for long stretches in a truck cab exposed to the sun. Even driving with the window open can be enough exposure to cause trouble on a hot day. Plus, the early symptoms of heat stroke might be easy to miss if you're in the middle of a long shift.  Heat stroke can sneak up on a truck driver who is focused on the job. You may feel a little dizzy, have cramping in your stomach, feel as though all of your skin is hot to the touch, or find yourself wheezing or breathing heavily. If the weather isn't especially severe, truck drivers can be exposed to a less severe form of heat stroke called heat exhaustion. It's not necessarily deadly, but it can impede your work and still be dangerous.

To avoid heat stroke and heat exhaustion while working for a trucking company, make sure your truck is stocked with plenty of water to drink and something to block the windows if you need to lie somewhere shady on short notice. If possible, it can be helpful to have a portable fan with you as well. If you notice any symptoms of heat related illness as a truck driver, address it quickly before the problem compounds. If you catch it early enough, treating it might be as simple as getting out of the sun for a bit.

If you're searching for professional truck driving tips in the Dallas, TX, area, contact Bay and Bay Transportation today at (888) 801-3026, or visit our website here for more information. Working for a trucking company in the summer doesn't have to dangerous! For more tips on driving safely in hot temperatures, check out this page.