A Guide to Battling Homesickness for Roving Truck Drivers in Atlanta, GA

Life on the road as a truck driver sounds like a walk in the park to some, an exciting challenge to others, and for new drivers with Bay and Bay Transportation in Atlanta, GA, it can feel a little like both. This is especially true for truck drivers who've already had a taste of the power of homesickness. Even the most seasoned driver will probably feel those pangs a few times while on the job. How do you find a way to fight back when your work is, by definition, away from home?

Homesickness while truck driving can present in many forms including being tense, irritable, anxious, or just constantly thinking about home. For some professionals these feelings would just be an annoyance, but for truck drivers, any of these symptoms can be a risk to the quality of their work. In a job that requires vigilance, long hours, and technical precision, any kind of distraction can impact the overall experience very easily. For this reason, attending to a wandering mind is in your best interest as well as the best interest of the other drivers around you.

When you're on the road, the first step to fighting homesickness is to take your feelings seriously. Making light of the issue is just as fruitless as ignoring it, and without proper attention, the feeling could linger for days instead of hours. Even if it feels silly to be homesick while you're focusing on work, it's helpful to remember that homesickness is an incredibly common experience for people of any age, gender, or profession. Humans are naturally drawn to routine, and breaking from routine can be distressing, regardless of the context. Truck driving, by nature, breaks from routine, and overcoming that is an impressive feat, whether you're a newbie or a veteran.

Once you've identified the feeling as homesickness, or as soon as you realize that you feel “off,” it's time to take some extra steps to make sure you can regain your equilibrium as quickly as possible. Start by being as kind to your body as you are to your mind. Drink water, eat balanced meals, snack when you feel lightheaded, and sleep as much as you're able. Feeling better physically can help stave off even the worst bouts of separation anxiety, whereas feeling sluggish or ill can magnify them exponentially. It can also help to bring reminders of home along on your truck driving job such as pictures, or media, including music and Podcasts, that you might commonly listen to with your family. Best of all, don't be afraid to commiserate with other drivers at Bay and Bay Transportation. You're all in the same boat, and a family found at work can be just as fulfilling as a family waiting at home.

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