Drivers are Key to Cutting Idling Costs in Madison, WI and Elsewhere

The cost of idling isn’t cheap, and despite newer technologies being used by truckers in Madison, Wisconsin and other places, it's still a drain on the bottom-line.

Aside from the obvious environmental issues arising from idling, there are fuel costs and wear and tear on engines to be considered.

There's also a comfort factor, however, that must be met for drivers. For many, the cab serves as a home which can include a refrigerator, microwave oven, TV, computer, even a CPAP device. It must feel comfortable, no matter the time of the year and the weather outside.

Fuel bonuses and coaching are ways to get the message across about the dollars and cents impact of idling, but drivers will always ask “What’s in it for me?”

Fuel bonuses are a well-known strategy for improving performance, especially when comparing drivers against one another, but they don’t always lead to the desired results. Many times it’s about creating awareness, good habits, and having them reinforced over time.

Technology is creating opportunities for idling reduction. Electronic engine controls can be set to turn engines on and off as needed for temperature control in the cab.

Auxiliary power units offer many of the positives drivers look for without having to use their main engine. Some APUs are diesel powered, while others use batteries and can hook into shore power or use solar panels to help recharge.

There are some other more limited options that include diesel or plug-in powered bunk heaters and thermal storage systems. A combination of frozen water and fans offer drivers cool air in their cabs, but how long the cooling lasts is a limitation.

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