Summer Heat VS. Truck Driving Techniques in Houston, TX

It's officially summer in Houston, TX, and for professional truck drivers, that means the temperatures in your rig are going to be at their absolute peak. High temperatures during a truck driving job don't just mean a little extra sweat throughout the day. It also means your truck is going to be experiencing a lot of additional stress out on the open road. Congestion from vacation-goers aside, here are a few things Bay and Bay Transportation encourages you to consider while driving your truck during the summer months.

The two most important aspects of truck driving are simple. You want your truck to go when you say go, and you want it to stop when you say stop. Unfortunately, the summer heat can seriously mess with both of these aspects...and without any notice. Even with the most advanced cooling techniques and fluids, there's always a chance your breaks or engine will overheat. Long-time professional truck drivers know that the best way to counteract this is to triple check everything you'd normally double check. You can't stop the sun, but you can make sure your truck is at least putting up a fight.

Along with the engine, transmission and brakes, your tires could also be in trouble. Regular semi tires can withstand a lot of abuse, but blowouts become more likely if you're combining a hot road and long drive. Take it slow and play it safe on roads bogged down with a lot of vacationers.

The most vital aspect of truck driving for professional truck drivers is maintaining their body. Heat stroke, sun stroke, sunburns, and dehydration are already a risk in the summer. When you add physical labor and long hours on top of that, you have a recipe for disaster. Drink water, wear sunscreen, and keep yourself as cool as possible.

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