What Your Over the Road Drivers Should Never Do in Chicago, IL

Owning a business means more than renting an office or putting out an ad in the local paper. You also have to think about how the community views you. Your image is very important, and you have to do what you can to keep everything in order. Did you ever think about your over the road drivers and how they handle themselves out on the road? It doesn’t just make you look bad—it also puts their lives in danger. Here are a few tips that your Chicago, IL, drivers should never do when on the road:

Ignore Strange or Unusual Sounds

What happens if a driver hears strange sounds coming from the engine? What happens if something lights up? Do they bring the signs to your attention, ignore them and hope for the best, or simply make things worse? If they don’t do anything about it, your truck could break down at the worst possible time, like under a traffic light or in the middle of the highway. You need your over the road drivers to pay attention and care about the state of the trucks.

Drive Like a Maniac

Do they pay attention to speed limits or other drivers? Do they throw things out the window or fall asleep behind the wheel? These habits are dangerous and should be prevented. Make sure to hire drivers who are responsible and understand it’s not just the products in the trucks that are irreplaceable.

Wait Until the Gas Tank Is Almost Empty

Truck driving is serious business. If drivers let gas tanks get too low, there could be problems, including overheating the fuel pump and allowing dirt to find its way into the fuel injection system. Driving in a low tank of gas doesn’t offer better mileage, but instead puts you and your vehicle in danger.

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